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BOS - Navigating Problematic Relationships at Work

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Work relationships can be hard. The stress of dealing with difficult coworkers hinders our work and mental health. We might ask, “Why can't I stop thinking about that nasty email?! What's behind my problem colleague's behavior? How can I fix things if they won't cooperate?”

September 21, 8-9 p.m. ET

Zoom - link provided in confirmation email.

Questions? Contact: alumni-house@andrew.cmu.edu

Join this CMU Accelerate Leadership workshop, led by Laura Maxwell, Leadership Coach in the Tepper School of Business Accelerate Leadership Center. Based on the book, "Getting Along: How to Work With Anyone (Even Difficult People)" by Amy Gallo, we will work on identifying difficult coworkers in your life — the insecure boss, the passive-aggressive peer, the know-it-all, the biased coworker, etc. The group will discuss strategies to deal constructively with people you’re at odds with. Taking the high road isn't easy, but we’ll practice empathy, encouragement and practical advice you can use right now. You’ll be able to navigate your toughest relationships and build interpersonal resilience along the way.

Who is Coming ?

Abhinav Krishna Gautam
Abigail C. Cahen EIT
Albert W. Lin
Anitha Ghali
Becky Finkel
Caroline Mae Suni
Chien-Chi Hsu
Dana M. Bekavac
Diana P. Laughlin
Divya Ramesh
Erika Banuelos
Evelyn E. Matsumoto
Faraz Ali
Geoffrey Ensby
Gregg M. Wolff
Hajra Shahab
Heather Pollock Maldonado
Irene Baljak
Jacqueline Olvera
Jacquelyn Ann Drechsler
James E. Hollifield III
Jason R Seepaul
Jay Daniel Snyder
Jennifer Gray
Jennifer H. Bett
Jessica Hope Kavoulakis
Jillian Victoria Turner
Joanna Joo-Hea Blatter Minn
John M. Sengenberger
Julia N Chi
Katie Liu
Keith Joseph Sabol CFA
Kelin Li
Kevin H Shu
Kimberly A. McCormick
Kristin Cummings
Kristine Scott Denzau
Kurt Martin Saunders Esq.
Kyle M. Irish
Laura Maxwell
Laurie Lee McPherson
Lilian S Chin
Lily Nguyen
Linda Marie Ortenzo
Luyba Caloras
Matthew Albert Bowman
Melissa Ann LaRosa
Monica M Lee
Nancy Ijemere
Nelia D. Viza PhD
Noah Rose
Qifan Zhang
Raysel Martinez
Rob Demisch
Rochelle Lauren Nakia Samuel
Ronnie Fairley
Ronnie Fairley
Sean L. Brennan
Shalini Ray
Shili Wang
Shoshana Gabrielle Rubinstein
Susan M. Rudisin
Thomas J. McKeeff
Vishal Kumar Sharma
Whitney Brooks Overstreet
William J. Johnson
Wilson A Judy
Xinran Ma
Yiqi Yu
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