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PGH - Tartan Sewable Circuit Workshop



Event Details

We invite you to spend the evening with Assemble making a Tartan embroidery memento using sewable circuits. A sewable circuit uses conductive thread to add LED lights to your embroidery project. This event will feature a CMU Tartan design printed on cotton fabric to decorate with sewable circuits and embroidery embellishments.

The $29 ticket includes all materials needed, instruction from Assemble staff, drinks and snacks.

This is a 2-part registration. After registering, you will receive a separate email to purchase a ticket through Assemble.

$29 per person, ticket to be purchased via link in confirmation email.

Questions? Contact alumni-house@andrew.cmu.edu

About Assemble
Assemble is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering learning and creativity. Assemble envisions diverse neighborhoods of empowered people who create, connect, learn and transform together. We build confidence through making by uniting communities of artists, technologists, makers and learners both in our space at 4824 Penn Ave and beyond.

Who is Coming ?

Danielle Stoken
Elaine M Fath
Gregory Peter Polansky
Hilary P. Zubritzky
Joseph M. Kopko III
Michelle Jolien Christensen
Patricia Polansky
Tamella Fritz
Victoria Guscoff
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